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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Welcome to Threatpost Today, our daily roundup of the latest cybersecurity news.

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Israeli Government Agencies Visit NSO Group Offices

Authorities opened an investigation into the secretive Israeli security firm.

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29 July 2021

Sponsored by Uptycs

Six Malicious Linux Shell Scripts Used to Evade Defenses and How to Stop Them

Uptycs Threat Research outline how malicious Linux shell scripts are used to cloak attacks and how defenders can detect and mitigate against them.

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29 July 2021

CISA’s Top 30 Bugs: One’s Old Enough to Buy Beer

There are patches or remediations for all of them, but they’re still being picked apart. Why should attackers stop if the flaws remain unpatched, as so many do?

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29 July 2021

UC San Diego Health Breach Tied to Phishing Attack

Employee email takeover exposed personal, medical data of students, employees and patients.

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29 July 2021

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