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Cyberwar–Part One

Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyberwar, intelligence update are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Accessed on 26 August 2021, 2042 UTC.

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EIN Newsdesk

Cyber War Newswire

Daily update · August 26, 2021


Mansfield News Journal – Ohio

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base has been selected as the location for the Air Force’s new Cyber Warfare Mission, according to announcements by Gov. Mike DeWine and Sen. Sherrod Brown. “The Cyber Warfare Wing (CWW) will …

The Epoch Times

Commentary Cybercrime often merges with cyberwarfare. The techniques of both are similar, even if their intentions are not. Yet, unlike their “real-world” counterparts, we can’t afford to treat the former as merely a law enforcement problem and the latter …


Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, August 26: New COVID-19 Cases Top 4k for the Second Straight Day More Than 30 Afghan Refugees Arrive in Cleveland Air Force Chooses Mansfield for New Cyberwarfare Site Conservative Hoaxers Face $5.1M Fine for …

US Army (official)

AUGUSTA, Ga. — The Army plans to update its cyber operations doctrine, as it continues to march toward a more data-driven joint environment, a top Army cyber officer said last week. Once published, the updated field manual, FM 3-12, will outline how the …

The New York Times

Consider Nitro Zeus. In the late 2000s, as The Times reported, the U.S. government developed a detailed plan for cyberattacks that would disable sections of Iran’s air defenses, communications systems and power grid. The plan provided President Barack …


Taiwan has bravely confronted China for over 70 years. Such unique experiences trained Taiwanese people to know Chinese leaders’ thinking and ambition better than anyone else in the world. TAIPEI: China’s expansionism with its accumulating military …

Federal News Network

Today, federal defense agencies and information technology professionals have many tools available to them which aid in combating cyber-attacks from foreign and domestic threats. Deploying coordinated disinformation and influence campaigns as a means of …

The Epoch Times

There are regular news stories about Chinese economic theft, cyberattacks, and digital spy operations. Yet less has been said about what ties these operations together. President Joe Biden recently warned that cyberattacks against the United States could …

Daily Mail

There are few institutions that can still unite our nation in uncritical admiration after a series of scandals challenged our collective faith in the banks, the BBC, the Church, police, politicians and much of the Royal Family. Yet there remains immense …

South Asia Journal

Credit: Psychology Today by Aneeqa Safdar    10 August 2021 Cyberspace is now an officially declared domain of warfare and states are methodically indulging in this new form of war to achieve their political objectives. States are conducting cyber- …

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