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The big stories

T-Mobile customers, change your PINs

Of the tens of millions affected in the T-Mobile breach, about 850,000 had their account PINs compromised. This means a hacker could take control of a victim’s phone, then use the phone to hack into the victim’s other accounts.
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Beware of COVID Pass scams

UK readers, watch out. A new text message scam making the rounds promises an easy way to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination while travelling in and around England. Unlike the real COVID Pass (which is free), this scam will cost you.
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How to spot a DocuSign phish and what to do about it

If you’ve ever signed a document electronically, there’s a good chance you did it with DocuSign. The electronic document service warns of a recent surge in faked DocuSign emails, containing links to phishing sites designed to steal usernames and passwords.
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Cyberbullying 101: A Primer for kids, teens, and parents

Thanks to the Internet, bullying has gone digital. And it’s way more common than you think. Wherever people socialize online, you can bet there’s some form of cyberbullying taking place. Read on and learn how to spot cyberbullying and how to stop it.
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Tell us your Malwarebytes story, win a YETI bottle

If you’ve got a crazy malware story it might earn you some sweet YETI drinkware. Take a minute and tell us about the time Malwarebytes saved your bacon. The 50 best stories win a YETI bottle. If we really like your story we may even feature it, and you, in an ad for Malwarebytes.
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Lock and Code podcast

Katie Moussouris hacked Clubhouse. Her emails went unanswered for weeks

This episode, a conversation with Luta Security CEO and founder Katie Moussouris about Clubhouse, the app that lets you join spontaneous audio conversations. Moussouris found a vulnerability which let her secretly join a conversation without the other participants knowing she was there. When she tried to inform Clubhouse as part of the company’s bug bounty program, they ignored her.
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