Microsoft, Google to invest $30 billion in cybersecurity over next 5 years.

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Accessed on 30 August 2021, 2028 UTC.

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LATEST NEWS Aug 30, 2021

How Does MTA-STS Improve Your Email Security?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP has easily exploitable security loopholes. Email routing protocols were designed in a time when cryptographic technology was at a nascent stage (e.g., the de-facto protocol for email transfer, SMTP, is nearly 40 years old now), and therefore security was not an …

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Get Lifetime Access to 24 Professional Cybersecurity Certification Prep Courses

Not all heroes wear capes. Cybersecurity professionals are digital warriors who use their knowledge and skill to battle malicious hackers.  Sounds like an exciting career, right?  If the comic-book comparisons aren’t working for you, perhaps some figures will. According to ZipRecruiter, the average …

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LockFile Ransomware Bypasses Protection Using Intermittent File Encryption

A new ransomware family that emerged last month comes with its own bag of tricks to bypass ransomware protection by leveraging a novel technique called “intermittent encryption.” Called LockFile, the operators of the ransomware have been found exploiting recently disclosed flaws such …

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Microsoft Warns of Widespread Phishing Attacks Using Open Redirects

Microsoft is warning of a widespread credential phishing campaign that leverages open redirector links in email communications as a vector to trick users into visiting malicious websites while effectively bypassing security software. “Attackers combine these links with social engineering baits that …

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Microsoft, Google to Invest $30 Billion in Cybersecurity Over Next 5 Years

Google and Microsoft said they are pledging to invest a total of $30 billion in cybersecurity advancements over the next five years, as the U.S. government partners with private sector companies to address threats facing the country in the wake of a string of sophisticated malicious cyber activity …

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