A virtual private network can help maximize security and anonymity online.

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Best VPN service of 2021

A virtual private network can help maximize your security and anonymity online.

ProtonVPN review: A secure service with a solid reputation that costs a pretty penny

Higher-than-average costs hold this VPN back from the head of the pack, but its privacy safeguards may be worth the price for some.

Best Android VPN 2021

These are the best virtual private networks for protecting your privacy on your Android mobile device.

Apple’s iPhone fix and everything else you need to know about Pegasus spyware

Governments aren’t happy with software that targeted activists, journalists and executives. To thwart it, Apple patched an iOS hole Pegasus exploited.

Online romance scams have cost people millions already this year, says FBI

The FBI says lonely heart scams cost consumers over $133 million in the first seven months of this year.

Stop pesky email spam with this new Apple iCloud feature

Apple’s latest email privacy feature for iOS 15 and iCloud Plus will randomly generate email addresses and help keep spammers out of your inbox.

NordVPN vs. Surfshark: VPN speed, security and price compared

Can industry leader NordVPN fend off its newer, ambitious rival?

Apple issues iOS 14.8 with urgent update to close spyware flaw

The tech giant releases critical security updates for the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch and Mac computers.

Facebook tackles harmful authentic accounts with new approach

The social network says it may reduce the reach of content from these accounts or disable them if they’re working together to cause harm and evade the rules.

Online prices for bogus vaccine cards double after Biden mandate

The fake cards are the latest in a series of COVID-related scams.


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