Europol busts major crime ring, arrests over 100 fraudsters.

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Accessed on 20 September 2021, 1933 UTC.

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LATEST NEWS Sep 20, 2021

Europol Busts Major Crime Ring, Arrests Over 100 Online Fraudsters

Law enforcement agencies in Italy and Spain have dismantled an organized crime group linked to the Italian Mafia that was involved in online fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, and property crime, netting the gang about €10 million ($11.7 million) in illegal proceeds in just a year. “The …

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A New Wave of Malware Attack Targeting Organizations in South America

A spam campaign delivering spear-phishing emails aimed at South American organizations has retooled its techniques to include a wide range of commodity remote access trojans (RATs) and geolocation filtering to avoid detection, according to new research. Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro attributed the …

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Google to Auto-Reset Unused Android App Permissions for Billions of Devices

Google on Friday said it’s bringing an Android 11 feature that auto-resets permissions granted to apps that haven’t been used in months, to devices running Android versions 6 and above. The expansion is expected to go live later this year in December 2021 and enabled on Android phones with Google …

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Numando: A New Banking Trojan Targeting Latin American Users

A newly spotted banking trojan has been caught leveraging legitimate platforms like YouTube and Pastebin to store its encrypted, remote configuration and commandeer infected Windows systems, making it the latest to join the long list of malware targeting Latin America (LATAM) after Guildma, Javali, …

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New Malware Targets Windows Subsystem for Linux to Evade Detection

A number of malicious samples have been created for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with the goal of compromising Windows machines, highlighting a sneaky method that allows the operators to stay under the radar and thwart detection by popular anti-malware engines. The “distinct tradecraft” …

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Managing 3rd Party Risk For Financial Services

Are You Managing 3rd Party Risk For Your Financial Institution? As financial institutions continue to face greater threat to cybersecurity attacks, the increased focus around “What to do whenâ?¦” also becomes a greater concern for executives, managers and everyone concerned.

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