Ransomware Group FIN12 going after healthcare targets.

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Accessed on 11 October 2021, 1939 UTC.

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How to Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks Now

Groundbreaking Self-Protecting Data Technology Deals a Death Blow to Cyber Crime’s Assault on Your Crown Jewels

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LATEST NEWS Oct 11, 2021

Verify End-Users at the Helpdesk to Prevent Social Engineering Cyber Attack

Although organizations commonly go to great lengths to address security vulnerabilities that may exist within their IT infrastructure, an organization’s helpdesk might pose a bigger threat due to social engineering attacks. Social engineering is “the art of manipulating people so they give up …

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Indian-Made Mobile Spyware Targeted Human Rights Activist in Togo

A prominent Togolese human rights defender has been targeted with spyware by a threat actor known for striking victims in South Asia, marking the hacking group’s first foray into digital surveillance in Africa. Amnesty International tied the covert attack campaign to a collective tracked as “Donot …

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Ransomware Group FIN12 Aggressively Going After Healthcare Targets

An “aggressive” financially motivated threat actor has been identified as linked to a string of RYUK ransomware attacks since October 2018, while maintaining close partnerships with TrickBot-affiliated threat actors and using a publicly available arsenal of tools such as Cobalt Strike Beacon …

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Researchers Warn of FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Targeting Linux Systems

Cybersecurity researchers have detailed a new campaign that likely targets entities in Southeast Asia with a previously unrecognized Linux malware that’s engineered to enable remote access to its operators, in addition to amassing credentials and function as a proxy server. The malware family, …

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New Patch Released for Actively Exploited 0-Day Apache Path Traversal to RCE Attacks

The Apache Software Foundation on Thursday released additional security updates for its HTTP Server product to remediate what it says is an “incomplete fix” for an actively exploited path traversal and remote code execution flaw that it patched earlier this week. CVE-2021-42013, as the new …

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ESG Whitepaper: Embracing the Hybrid Workforce

68% organizations report that they currently use or will be implementing a SASE architecture. These organizations cite “operational efficiencies attained by security and networking teams, improved threat prevention and detection efficacy, and deeper vendor partnerships..” as the drivers for this approach.

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