New threat lets attackers collect and spoof browser’s digital fingerprints.

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Accessed on 25 October 2021, 2029 UTC.

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Aite-Novarica Research Report: Zero Trust Starts with Identity — Protecting Active Directory

An In-depth comparison of Active Directory security solutions from Attivo Networks, CrowdStrike, QOMPLX, Microsoft, and Tenable.

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LATEST NEWS Oct 25, 2021

New Attack Let Attacker Collect and Spoof Browser’s Digital Fingerprints

A “potentially devastating and hard-to-detect threat” could be abused by attackers to collect users’ browser fingerprinting information with the goal of spoofing the victims without their knowledge, thus effectively compromising their privacy. Academics from Texas A&M University dubbed the attack …

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Hardware-grade enterprise authentication without hardware: new SIM security solution for IAM

The average cost of a data breach, according to the latest research by IBM, now stands at USD 4.24 million, the highest reported. The leading cause? Compromised credentials, often caused by human error. Although these findings continue to show an upward trend in the wrong direction, the challenge …

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Free eBook: Understanding Terraform

Terraform is a well-known and widely used tool to manage infrastructure as code. This eBook and audiobook will help you understand the underlying concepts and how it can be a significant resource when your cloud infrastructure hits critical mass. Download …

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Microsoft Warns of Continued Supply-Chain Attacks by the Nobelium Hacker Group

Nobelium, the threat actor behind the SolarWinds compromise in December 2020, has been behind a new wave of attacks that compromised 14 downstream customers of multiple cloud service providers (CSP), managed service providers (MSP), and other IT services organizations, illustrating the adversary’s …

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Hackers Exploited Popular BillQuick Billing Software to Deploy Ransomware

Cybersecurity researchers on Friday disclosed a now-patched critical vulnerability in multiple versions of a time and billing system called BillQuick that’s being actively exploited by threat actors to deploy ransomware on vulnerable systems. CVE-2021-42258, as the flaw is being tracked as, …

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Closing Critical Gaps in Microsoft 365 Native Security Tools

This ESG whitepaper leverages latest research and insights to outline how to improve your Microsoft 365 security.

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