New Android malware can gain access to your smartphones.

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Accessed on 29 October 2021, 2230 UTC.

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Managing 3rd Party Risk In Business Operations

Are You Managing 3rd Party Risk For Your Business? As financial institutions continue to face greater threat to cybersecurity attacks, the increased focus around “What to do when” also becomes a greater concern for executives, managers and everyone concerned.

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LATEST NEWS Oct 29, 2021

This New Android Malware Can Gain Root Access to Your Smartphones

An unidentified threat actor has been linked to a new Android malware strain that features the ability to root smartphones and take complete control over infected smartphones while simultaneously taking steps to evade detection. The malware has been named “AbstractEmu” owing to its use of code …

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New ‘Shrootless’ Bug Could Let Attackers Install Rootkit on macOS Systems

Microsoft on Thursday disclosed details of a new vulnerability that could allow an attacker to bypass security restrictions in macOS and take complete control of the device to perform arbitrary operations on the device without getting flagged by traditional security solutions. Dubbed “Shrootless” …

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Free ebook: HackerSploit Docker Security Essentials

Docker is a popular platform to quickly create, deploy and host web applications, databases and other business critical solutions. Learn how to audit and secure Docker in this comprehensive guide and 9-part video series. Download instantly — no registration …

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Winter is Coming for CentOS 8

Winter is Coming for CentOS 8—but here is how you can enjoy your holidays after all. The server environment is complex and if you’re managing thousands of Linux servers, the last thing you want is for an operating system vendor to do something completely unexpected. That is exactly what Red Hat, …

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Russian TrickBot Gang Hacker Extradited to U.S. Charged with Cybercrime

A Russian national, who was arrested in South Korea last month and extradited to the U.S. on October 20, appeared in a federal court in the state of Ohio on Thursday to face charges for his alleged role as a member of the infamous TrickBot group. Court documents showed that Vladimir Dunaev, 38, …

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A Case Study View of Deception and Concealment Technology in Security Penetration Testing

Adding Value to Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Purple Teaming

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