U.S. Navy hacked, ad blockers that don’t block, and safety tips for gamers.

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Accessed on 07 November 2021, 0116 UTC.

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The big stories


US Navy ship Facebook page hijacked to stream video games


The official Facebook page of the USS Kidd has been hijacked. Hackers used the page to [checks notes] stream Age of Empires, an award-winning, history-based real-time strategy game.


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Adblocker promises to blocks ads, injects them instead


Watch out. Researchers at Imperva uncovered a new ad injection campaign based on an ad blocker named AllBlock. The phony ad blocker extension was available, at the time of writing, for Chrome and Opera browsers.


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We dig into the Game Players Code


From malicious ads and fake games to survey scams and phishing attacks-gamers are a huge target for scammers. Fortunately, some organizations are trying to do something about it with a new initiative to help young gamers stay safe while playing online.


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High school student rickrolls entire school district, and gets praised


The Illinois high schooler hacked into his school’s network, not to change his grades or erase his absences, but to help reveal weaknesses in the school’s network, all while having a little fun at the same time.


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Lock and Code podcast


Beyond the VPN: Ultimate online privacy with The Tor Project’s Isabella Bagueros


On Lock and Code this week, we go beyond virtual private networks (VPNs) and chat with Tor Project Executive Director Isabella Bagueros about additional ways to stay private online.


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