How to Hire-and Retain-Effective Threat Hunters.

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Latest News

Open Source Project Aims to Detect Living-Off-the-Land Attacks

The machine learning classifier from Adobe can determine whether system commands are malicious and classify them using a variety of tags useful for security analysts.

In Appreciation: Alan Paller

Alan Paller, founder of the famed SANS Institute, passed away on Nov. 9.


‘Lyceum’ Threat Group Broadens Focus to ISPs

New report suggests attacker is targeting trusted supply chain companies in order to compromise large numbers of downstream customers.

Google Open Sources ClusterFuzzLite

ClusterFuzzLite is a stripped-down version of continuous fuzzing tool ClusterFuzz that integrates CI tools.

What Happens If Time Gets Hacked

Renowned hardware security expert raises alarm on the risk and dangers of cyberattackers targeting the current time-synchronization infrastructure.

Cloud Attack Analysis Unearths Lessons for Security Pros

Researchers detail their investigation of a cryptomining campaign stealing AWS credentials and how attackers have evolved their techniques.

Third-Party Software Risks Grow, but So Do Solutions

Enterprises are more dependent than ever on open source software and need to manage the risk posed by vulnerabilities in components and third-party vendors.

Hacker-for-Hire Group Spied on More Than 3,500 Targets in 18 Months

Russian-speaking “Void Balaur” group’s victims include politicians, dissidents, human rights activists, doctors, and journalists, security vendor discloses at Black Hat Europe 2021.

Latest Commentary

How to Hire — and Retain — Effective Threat Hunters

Key characteristics that should be evaluated include curiosity, disposition, and fit with the culture.

Nov 12, 2021

Should Our Security Controls Be More Like North Korea or Norway?

When the drive for additional visibility and awareness is led by the business rather than just a SOC team, both the business and security can benefit.

Nov 11, 2021


Defining the Hierarchy of Value in Cyber Intelligence

One size won’t fit all as we try to reconcile the need to demonstrate expertise and value with keeping clients and researchers safe.

Nov 10, 2021

4 Tips to Secure the OT Cybersecurity Budget You Require

OT security engineers and personnel should approach senior management with an emphasis on risk reduction benefits and with a concrete plan to secure budget and funding before it’s too late.

Nov 10, 2021

How to Minimize Ransomware’s Trail of Destruction and Its Associated Costs

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is blindly throwing technology at the problem instead of properly investing in building a security team.

Nov 09, 2021

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