Beware the bug that turns back time 20 years!

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Accessed on 21 November 2021, 0528 UTC.

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The big stories


A bug is about to confuse a lot of computers by turning back time 20 years


The GPS “clock” ticks back to zero every 19.7 years, and some computers aren’t handling it well. In an echo of the Y2K bug, a flaw in some computer software is causing it to turn back time to the early 2000s.


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Lessons from a real-life ransomware attack


Malwarebytes Labs spoke to a system administrator who helped put his school district back on its feet following a serious ransomware attack. Learn about what it takes to recover from ransomware, why the first few hours after the attack are critical, and why your backups may not work.


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Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, and the possible privacy and security concerns


Facebook is pushing its virtual reality “Metaverse” hard, but the promotional material hasn’t had a good reception, and many things about it still don’t make sense. What is clear, though, is that behavioral advertising will be a big part of it.


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Is Apple’s Safari browser the last, best hope for web privacy?


Google’s web browser, Chrome, is becoming ever more dominant, and it needs some competition to keep it in check. Apple Safari may not be perfect, but it might be the last, best hope for browser privacy we have.


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Lock and Code podcast


Why we fail at getting the cybersecurity basics right, with Jess Dodson


A lot of cybersecurity incidents could be prevented if victims had a better grasp of the fundamentals. On today’s show, podcast host David Ruiz learns about the most commonly-missed cybersecurity basicsand why getting them right isn’t as easy as it should be.


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