Karakurt:  Emerging data theft and cyber extortion hacking group.

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Accessed on 13 December 2021, 1831 UTC.

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Parametric & Event Insurance: Leveraging Weather Intelligence to Set & Verify Coverage Triggers

Parametric and special-event policies have become increasingly popular as organizers look to protect their investments at events of all sizes. Properly insuring these scenarios requires accurate historical weather data and trusted tools for post-event weather verification. This white paper reveals how you can glean actionable insights using big data, machine learning and predictive analytics to strengthen your special-events and parametric insurance offerings.

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LATEST NEWS Dec 13, 2021

Karakurt: A New Emerging Data Theft and Cyber Extortion Hacking Group

A previously undocumented, financially motivated threat group has been connected to a string of data theft and extortion attacks on over 40 entities between September and November 2021. The hacker collective, which goes by the self-proclaimed name Karakurt and was first identified in June 2021, is …

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Top 3 SaaS Security Threats for 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close and many closing their plans and budgets for 2022, the time has come to do a brief wrap-up of the SaaS Security challenges on the horizon. Here are the top 3 SaaS security posture challenges as we see them.  1 — The Mess of Misconfiguration Management The good news is …

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Microsoft Details Building Blocks of Widely Active Qakbot Banking Trojan

Infection chains associated with the multi-purpose Qakbot malware have been broken down into “distinct building blocks,” an effort that Microsoft said will help to proactively detect and block the threat in an effective manner. The Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team dubbed Qakbot a …

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Apache Log4j Vulnerability — Log4Shell — Widely Under Active Attack

Threat actors are actively weaponizing unpatched servers affected by the newly identified “Log4Shell” vulnerability in Log4j to install cryptocurrency miners, Cobalt Strike, and recruit the devices into a botnet, even as telemetry signs point to exploitation of the flaw nine days before it even …

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Extremely Critical Log4J Vulnerability Leaves Much of the Internet at Risk

The Apache Software Foundation has released fixes to contain an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability affecting the widely-used Apache Log4j Java-based logging library that could be weaponized to execute malicious code and allow a complete takeover of vulnerable systems. Tracked …

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The Evolution of Analytics

Opportunities and Challenges for Machine Learning in Business

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