Tropic Trooper cyber espionage hackers target transportation sector.

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Accessed on 21 December 2021, 2210 UTC.

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Activating Your Active Defense with Deception Technology

The ultimate guide on deception technology — a critical component of a modern cyber security stack.

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LATEST NEWS Dec 21, 2021
Tropic Trooper Cyber Espionage Hackers Targeting Transportation Sector

Transportation industry and government agencies related to the sector are the victims of an ongoing campaign since July 2020 by a sophisticated and well-equipped cyberespionage group in what appears to be yet another uptick in malicious activities that are “just the tip of the iceberg.” “The group …

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Top 7 common Cybersecurity Myths — Busted

Even with the growing awareness about cybersecurity, many myths about it are prevalent. These misconceptions can be a barrier to effective security.  The first step to ensure the security of your business is to separate the false information, myths, and rumors from the truth. Here, we’re busting …

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Secret Backdoors Found in German-made Auerswald VoIP System

Multiple backdoors have been discovered during a penetration test in the firmware of a widely used voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) appliance from Auerswald, a German telecommunications hardware manufacturer, that could be abused to gain full administrative access to the devices. “Two backdoor …

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Meta Sues Hackers Behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Phishing Attacks

Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms on Monday said it has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. state of California against bad actors who operated more than 39,000 phishing websites that impersonated its digital properties to mislead unsuspecting users into divulging their login credentials. …

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New Mobile Network Vulnerabilities Affect All Cellular Generations Since 2G

Researchers have disclosed security vulnerabilities in handover, a fundamental mechanism that undergirds modern cellular networks, which could be exploited by adversaries to launch denial-of-service (DoS) and man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks using low-cost equipment. The “vulnerabilities in the …

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Banking on Intelligence | How AI and ML Help Banks Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals and Compliance Regulations

How AI and ML Help Banks Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals

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