Researchers find bugs in over a dozen widely used URL parser libraries.

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Accessed on 10 January 2022, 2022 UTC.

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4 MBA Myths That Could Be Hurting Your Recruiting

In today’s competitive environment, how can you convince students that your MBA program offers a better ROI than another school? This playbook debunks four recruitment myths that may be hurting your efforts

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LATEST NEWS Jan 10, 2022
Researchers Find Bugs in Over A Dozen Widely Used URL Parser Libraries

A study of 16 different Uniform Resource Locator (URL) parsing libraries has unearthed inconsistencies and confusions that could be exploited to bypass validations and open the door to a wide range of attack vectors. In a deep-dive analysis jointly conducted by cybersecurity firms Claroty  and …

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Abcbot Botnet Linked to Operators of Xanthe Cryptomining malware

New research into the infrastructure behind an emerging DDoS botnet named Abcbot has uncovered links with a cryptocurrency-mining botnet attack that came to light in December 2020. Attacks involving Abcbot, first disclosed by Qihoo 360’s Netlab security team in November 2021, are triggered via a …

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BADNEWS! Patchwork APT Hackers Score Own Goal in Recent Malware Attacks

Threat hunters have shed light on the tactics, techniques, and procedures embraced by an Indian-origin hacking group called Patchwork as part of a renewed campaign that commenced in late November 2021, targeting Pakistani government entities and individuals with a research focus on molecular …

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Facebook Launches ‘Privacy Center’ to Educate Users on Data Collection and Privacy Options

Meta Platforms, the company formerly known as Facebook, on Friday announced the launch of a centralized Privacy Center that aims to “educate people” about its approach with regards to how it collects and processes personal information across its family of social media apps. “Privacy Center …

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NHS Warns of Hackers Targeting Log4j Flaws in VMware Horizon

The digital security team at the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) has raised the alarm on active exploitation of Log4Shell vulnerabilities in unpatched VMware Horizon servers by an unknown threat actor to drop malicious web shells and establish persistence on affected networks for follow-on …

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Maze Ransomware – It’s Too Late If They Exfiltrate

The white paper maps each stage of the typical ransomware lifecycle to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, enabling you to initiate faster, decisive, and contextual remedial action.

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