Hackers creating fraudulent crypto tokens as part of “Rug Pull” scams.

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The ROI of Doing Nothing

In today’s business climate, standing still is the kiss of death

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LATEST NEWS Jan 24, 2022
ZTNAs Address Requirements VPNs Cannot. Here’s Why.

I recently hopped on the Lookout podcast to talk about virtual private networks (VPNs) and how they’ve been extended beyond their original use case of connecting remote laptops to your corporate network. Even in this new world where people are using personal devices and cloud apps, VPN continues …

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Hackers Creating Fraudulent Crypto Tokens as Part of ‘Rug Pull’ Scams

Misconfigurations in smart contracts are being exploited by scammers to create malicious cryptocurrency tokens with the goal of stealing funds from unsuspecting users. The instances of token fraud in the wild include hiding 99% fee functions and concealing backdoor routines, researchers from Check …

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Emotet Now Using Unconventional IP Address Formats to Evade Detection

Social engineering campaigns involving the deployment of the Emotet malware botnet have been observed using “unconventional” IP address formats for the first time in a bid to sidestep detection by security solutions. This involves the use of hexadecimal and octal representations of the IP address …

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High-Severity Rust Programming Bug Could Lead to File, Directory Deletion

The maintainers of the Rust programming language have released a security update for a high-severity vulnerability that could be abused by a malicious party to purge files and directories from a vulnerable system in an unauthorized manner. “An attacker could use this security issue to trick a …

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Experts Find Strategic Similarities b/w NotPetya and WhisperGate Attacks on Ukraine

Latest analysis into the wiper malware that targeted dozens of Ukrainian agencies earlier this month has revealed “strategic similarities” to NotPetya malware that was unleashed against the country’s infrastructure and elsewhere in 2017. The malware, dubbed WhisperGate, was discovered by Microsoft …

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The 2022 Multicloud Security Report

2022 Muti-Cloud Security Report, Trends & Adoption for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, and more

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