Let’s Encrypt to revoke about 2 million HTTPS certificates in two days.

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Alert: Let’s Encrypt to revoke about 2 million HTTPS certificates in two days
Relatively small number of certs issued using a verification method that doesn’t comply with policy Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit organization that helps people obtain free SSL/TLS certificates for websites, plans to revoke a non-trivial number of its certs on Friday because they were improperly issued.…
Myanmar’s military junta seeks ban on VPNs and digital currency
People would no longer be able to rely on VPNs for their preferred communication tool, Facebook Myanmar’s military junta has floated a cyber security law that would ban the use of virtual private networks, under penalty of imprisonment and/or fines, leaving digital rights organisations concerned about the effects of further closing the country off digitally to the outside world.…


Indonesia bars financial institutions from offering crypto services
Advises citizens to avoid ‘Ponzi schemes’ Another week, another big economy restricting cryptocurrency. This time Indonesia has barred financial services firms from offering bit-buck-related services to their customers.…
China orders web operators to spring clean its entire internet
Purveyors of rumours, flirty teens, dodgy infomercials, or bloody violence all told to get in the bin – yet again The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has shared its spring-cleaning plans with the world – and suggested it’s time to make the Middle Kingdom’s web sites sparkle with wholesome content.…
Infosec big dogs break out the bubbly over UK government’s latest cyber strategy emission
See that? That’s a promise of fat contracts, that is Big industry players have praised the latest cybersecurity strategy emitted by the British government, rubbing their hands with glee at its promises of lucrative public contracts for

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