Russian invasion of Ukraine could define the future of cyber warfare.

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Daily update · January 29, 2022



“We need to keep in mind who we are dealing with. These guys are not Boy Scouts. They are absolutely ruthless,” Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of the U.S. Army Europe, said in an interview. “They will do things that will ruin people and …

The Independent

1643373111 Russia says it wants peace but has ‘gun on the table’ – US envoy Russia says it does not want war but has placed a “gun on the table” in its negotiations with the United States by massing troops on Ukraine’s borders, US ambassador …


MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said on Friday the United States and Nato had not addressed Russia’s main security demands in their standoff over Ukraine but that Moscow was ready to keep talking. Putin offered his first reaction to the US and Nato …

The News International

With great advancements in technology, cyber warfare has grown. However, cyber security in Pakistan is still in the development phase. Although the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act was passed in 2016, the overall legislation related to cyber security is …

Fox News

Check out what’s clicking on Concerns have mounted in recent weeks that the U.S. could fall victim to a targeted cyberattack, particularly in the face of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. But a top cybersecurity expert said it is …

The News International

KYIV: President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday called on the West to avoid creating “panic” in the face of the Russian troop buildup on Ukraine’s border. “We don’t need this panic,” Zelensky told a news conference with foreign media. He …


With help from Paul McLeary, Nahal Toosi, David Herszenhorn, Oriana Pawlyk and Daniel Lippman Send tips | Subscribe here | Email Alex | Email Quint In November, Ukrainian President VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY couldn’t ring alarm bells loudly enough. “There is …

The Washington Post

Polls conducted last year by the Levada Center, an independent polling group in Moscow, show the fragility of Putin’s domestic base. In a May 2021 poll, 43 percent of Russians opposed the Putin-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, the same percentage as …


In “Don’t call it warfare. West grapples with response to Ukraine cyber aggressions” (January 18), Laurens Cerulus reports that cyberattacks should be treated as anything but acts of war. However, some of this thinking misses the point, and by continuing …



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