According to “The Hacker News”, Apple pays $100.5K bounty to hacker who found way to hack MacBook webcam.

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Accessed on 31 January 2022, 2000 UTC.


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LATEST NEWS Jan 31, 2022
German Court Rules Websites Embedding Google Fonts Violates GDPR

A regional court in the German city of Munich has ordered a website operator to pay €100 in damages for transferring a user’s personal data — i.e., IP address — to Google via the search giant’s Fonts library without the individual’s consent. The unauthorized disclosure of the plaintiff’s IP …

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Researchers Use Natural Silk Fibers to Generate Secure Keys for Strong Authentication

A group of academics at South Korea’s Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) have utilized natural silk fibers from domesticated silkworms to build an environmentally friendly digital security system that they say is “practically unbreachable.” “The first natural physical unclonable …

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Apple Pays $100,500 Bounty to Hacker Who Found Way to Hack MacBook Webcam

Apple last year fixed a new set of macOS vulnerabilities that exposed Safari browser to attack, potentially allowing malicious actors to access users’ online accounts, microphone, and webcam. Security researcher Ryan Pickren, who discovered and reported the bugs to the iPhone maker, was …

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DeepDotWeb News Site Operator Sentenced to 8 Years for Money Laundering

An Israeli national was sentenced to 97 months in prison in connection with operating the DeepDotWeb (DDW) clearnet website, nearly a year after the individual pleaded guilty to the charges. Tal Prihar, 37, an Israeli citizen residing in Brazil, is said to have played the role of an administrator …

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Hackers Using Device Registration Trick to Attack Enterprises with Lateral Phishing

Microsoft has disclosed details of a large-scale, multi-phase phishing campaign that uses stolen credentials to register devices on a victim’s network to further propagate spam emails and widen the infection pool. The tech giant said the attacks manifested through accounts that were not secured …

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