Ukraine could face “full scale” Russian cyber war just after defense ministry attack.

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Accessed on 19 February 2022, 2033 UTC.

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Daily update · February 19, 2022


Daily Express

Despite denying the cyber attack allegations, a cyber expert has claimed President Putin’s military intelligence agency is entirely capable of disrupting Ukraine’s infrastructure “in minutes”. Meanwhile, a former director of the US …

The Washington Times

China views social media networks as tools for cyberwarfare and America does not have the defenses to fight off China in the long term, according to experts on China and cybersecurity.  Targets of Beijing’s sophisticated cyberwarfare techniques include …


This week’s cyber-attacks on Ukrainian banks could just be the start of a ‘hybrid war’ (Picture: AFP/Reuters/GOV.UK)A former British diplomat warns yesterday’s cyber-attacks that brought two major Ukrainian banks offline were ‘just a little taster’ …

Strategy Page

February 19, 2022: Over the last two decades North Korea has become a major source of malicious and mercenary hacking efforts. Over the last decade North Korea concentrated its Cyber War efforts on raising cash for their bankrupt communist economy. This …

Sky News

While cyber has been recognised as a warfighting domain by most of the world’s military powers, computers are still far less capable of killing people than the artillery amassed on Ukraine’s borders. Just weeks after Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’ …

The Independent

In addition to the more than 100,000 Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s borders, officials are warning Vladimir Putin could target the country with a cyber war campaign, further complicating the already dramatic state of affairs. “No one has ever waged a …

The Epoch Times

Commentary In October of last year, China’s biggest streaming platform, Youku, was accused of plagiarizing “Squid Game,” one of the most popular TV shows in recent history. Although the line between inspiration and plagiarism is often a fine one, there’s …





The Sun

PM Boris Johnson will today directly warn the Russian people their sons’ coffins will pile high if Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine. His speech will be translated into Russian and widely circulated online to head off Putin’s propaganda. 2 Boris Johnson will …

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