US/UK expose new malware used by MuddyWater hackers.

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Accessed on 25 February 2022, 0341 UTC.

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US and UK expose new malware used by MuddyWater hackers
US and UK cybersecurity and law enforcement agencies today shared info on new malware deployed by the Iranian-backed MuddyWatter hacking group in attacks targeting critical infrastructure worldwide. […]
Ransomware used as decoy in data-wiping attacks on Ukraine
The new data wiper malware deployed on Ukrainian networks in destructive attacks on Wednesday right before Russia invaded Ukraine earlier today was, in some cases, accompanied by a GoLang-based ransomware decoy. […]
Malware infiltrates Microsoft Store via clones of popular games
A malware named Electron Bot has found its way into Microsoft’s Official Store through clones of popular games such as Subway Surfer and Temple Run, leading to the infection of 5,000 computers in Sweden, Israel, Spain, and Bermuda. […]