Remaining Cyber Ready During Geopolitical Tensions.

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CyberHawaii’s national partner, the Cyber Readiness Institute, recently shared the below message and video:
In light of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine and the rising threat cyber incursions, the Cyber Readiness Institute has prepared a short video outlining good cyber hygiene practices small and medium-sized business can take to fortify their cyber defenses.
Remaining Cyber Ready During Geopolitical Tensions
CyberHawaii’s Cyber Ready Hawaii program is actively recruiting small to medium-sized businesses to participate in its free program, to prepare and train organizations and its employees in cyber readiness. Businesses currently or interested in pursuing federal contracts will also have assessed the requirements to meet the basic cybersecurity safeguarding (FAR 52.204-21). To learn more, see the flyer below or visit

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Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, information security)