Most cybersecurity vendors at risk due to internet-exposed IT assets.

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Accessed on 06 March 2022, 1334 UTC.

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More Than 70% of SOC Analysts Experiencing Burnout

Nearly 65% of security operations center (SOC) analysts are likely to change jobs in the next year, survey shows.

Most Cybersecurity Vendors at Risk Due to Internet-Exposed IT Assets

Study shows more than 97% have exposed assets on AWS — among a wide range of other issues.

Accelerated Ransomware Attacks Pressure Targeted Companies to Speed Response

Threat actors have focused on two ends of the spectrum — quick, impactful attacks or stealthy intrusions — making strong prevention and faster response more important for enterprises.

8-Character Passwords Can Be Cracked in Less than 60 Minutes

Researchers say passwords with less than seven characters can be hacked “instantly.”

Hundreds of Open Source Components Could Undermine Security, Census Finds

The Linux Foundation and Harvard University create lists of the top 500 most popular open source projects, highlighting critical software that needs to be secured.

7 Ways to Secure Collaboration Tools in Your Organization

The push to embrace Slack, Teams, and Zoom at work comes with new security risks for organizations.

Researchers Devise Attack for Stealing Data During Homomorphic Encryption

A vulnerability in a Microsoft crypto library gives attackers a way to figure out what data is being encrypted in lockpicker-like fashion.

Companies’ Code Leaking More Passwords and Secrets

Software code pushed to online code repositories exposed twice as many secrets compared to last year, putting organizations’ security at risk.

Latest Commentary

DORA’s Global Reach and Why Enterprises Need to Prepare

The new EU regulation is a response to the rise of ransomware attacks and other new cyberthreats that have proliferated in the wake of the global pandemic.

Mar 04, 2022

How to Get One Step Ahead of Mobile Attacks

The advent of so-called “dropper” apps, which deliver and install malware that can also be later updated, is an emerging threat vector for mobile users.

Mar 03, 2022

3 Ways to Expand Gender Diversity in Cybersecurity

Why this is important: A business that surrounds itself with the same kind of people who work on the same projects will not generate new or original ideas.

Mar 02, 2022

Reduce Risk With Better Cyber Due Diligence

Done incorrectly, due diligence can result in slower integration of assets, which increases acquisition costs associated and could reduce expected gains.

Mar 02, 2022

Beyond the Hype: AI’s Future in Defensive Cybersecurity

Hybridizing signatures with artificial intelligence is making a significant difference in our ability to detect cyberattacks, including ransomware.

Mar 01, 2022

Cybersecurity In-Depth

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How Retailers Can Address ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Fraud
As BNPL platforms grow in popularity, experts warn that cybercriminals could target them using synthetic identity fraud and first-party fraud.
CISO Checklist for Offboarding Security Staff
The Great Resignation strikes cybersecurity teams, too. Here’s a checklist for CISOs to ensure security is retained even when security staff is not.
Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask DevOps Candidates in 2022
It’s worthwhile to find candidates who have experience with models that embed security into their processes.

Tech News and Analysis

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Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture: Hope or Hype?
Gartner has touted CSMA as one of the top technology trends for this year. But what is it really?
Protecting Field Programmable Gate Arrays From Attacks
FPGAs can be part of physical systems in the aerospace, medical, or industrial fields, so a security compromise can be potentially serious.
Insider Threats Are More Than Just Malicious Employees
Humans are unpredictable and may make mistakes that could result in a security incident.

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