Android malware Escobar steals your Google Authenticator MFA codes.

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Accessed on 13 March 2022, 0106 UTC.

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VPN provider bans BitTorrent after getting sued by film studios
“No logs” VPN provider TorGuard has reached a legal settlement with over two dozen movie studios that sued the company for encouraging piracy and copyright infringement. In the settlement, TorGuard has agreed to block BitTorrent traffic for its users. […]


Ubisoft confirms ‘cyber security incident’, resets staff passwords
Video game developer Ubisoft has confirmed that it suffered a ‘cyber security incident’ that caused disruption to some of its services. Data extortion group LAPSUS$, who has claimed responsibility for hacking Samsung, NVIDIA, and Mercado Libre thus far, also appears to be behind Ubisoft incident. […]
DuckDuckGo down-ranks sites spreading Russian propaganda
The DuckDuckGo web search engine is now demoting websites known to spread Russian propaganda following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the company’s founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg. […]


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