Code-Sabotage incident in protest of Ukraine War exposed open source risks.

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Accessed on 18 March 2022, 2255 UTC.

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A Chance to Raise Shields Right
CISA’s “Shields Up” alert provides urgency — and opportunity — for supply chain conversations.


ThreatMapper Updated With New Scanning Tools
ThreatMapper 1.3.0 features secret scanning and the ability to enumerate a software bill of materials at runtime to help secure serverless, Kubernetes, container, and multicloud environments.
Multiple Automotive Manufacturers Infected With Emotet
Telemetry from industrial systems security firm Dragos has spotted the malware command-and-control servers communicating with several automotive manufacturer systems.
Cloudflare Announces API Gateway
Organizations can secure, manage, and monitor all of their APIs in one easy-to-use dashboard.
Stopping Russian Cyberattacks at Their Source
Step up training with cybersecurity drills, teach how to avoid social engineering traps, share open source monitoring tools, and make multifactor authentication the default.
Enhancing DLP With Natural Language Understanding for Better Email Security
Natural language understanding is well-suited for scanning enterprise email to detect and filter out spam and other malicious content. Armorblox introduces a data loss prevention service to its email security platform using NLU.

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