5 ways to spring clean your security and protect your data.

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Malwarebytes Newsletter April | Issue 1
The big stories
5 ways to spring clean your security
With the trees in full bloom and the air prickling with pollen, you may be feeling an urge to straighten out your digital mess. These steps will give your devices a shiny spring security clean.
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“A little gift for you” SMS spam appears to come from your own phone number
If you’ve received a spam text message sent from your own phone number, don’t panic. You weren’t hacked, and you’re not the only one who has received such a message.
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Phishers make a date with your calendar apps
Phishers abuse calendar apps to send people bogus links leading to phishing pages. This time, the scammers are targeting Calendly users.
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Watch out for LinkedIn fakes who want to get connected
How do you know if the person who wants to connect with you is even a real person? Two researchers have found more than 1,000 fake LinkedIn profiles that use AI-generated faces.
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Lock and Code podcast
Telling stories securely, with Runa Sandvik
In the latest episode of Lock and Code, host David Ruiz speaks with Runa Sandvik about how she helps reporters tell important stories securely and privately amongst many digital threats.
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