Hawaii Public Radio-The Conversation:  How do we keep ourselves safe in cyberspace?

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April 2022 Newsletter

April 19, 2022

CompuGirls Hawaiʻi 6 – 8 Program

The CompuGirls Hawaiʻi 6-8 Program recently completed its Spring cohort. For their final project, they were tasked with presenting a profile of three mana wahine:
  • Jodi Ito, chair of CyberHawaii and chief information security officer for the University of Hawaiʻi;
  • Tiare Martin, executive director of Maui High Performance Computing; and
  • Connie Lau, retired president and CEO of Hawaiian Electric Industries.

Students shared their journey of how they got to where they are, experiences in cybersecurity, and other fun facts. Afterward, the girls shared that the conversations with these mana wahine were the best part of the whole experience and being able see and speak to role models in cybersecurity was extremely meaningful to them.

To watch the presentations click here.

Hawaii Public Radio – The Conversation: How do we Keep Ourselves Safe in Cyberspace?

Jodi Ito, chair of CyberHawaii and chief information security officer for the University of Hawaiʻi and Frank Pace, administrator for the Hawaiʻi Department of Defense’s Office of Homeland Security joined Catherine Cruz host of The Conversation to talk about how we can practice good cyber hygiene, how private and government partnership can shore up our vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, and how to cultivate local talent in the cybersecurity field.

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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